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We will respond to the needs of customers who want to continue using good products for a long time and who want to repair them if they break, using a sustainable manufacturing method. We propose high quality and beautiful crafts that enrich your life.

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@ Yamanashi, Japan

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If you are looking for lacquered wooden products that are also great as gifts, visit Bokukando.

If you are looking for lacquered wood products online or if you are looking for jewelry as a gift, please use Mokkindo. We sell accessories such as earrings and pendants made using traditional Japanese crafts, as well as hand mirrors, chopsticks, shoe horns, and more. Luxurious wooden products finished with wipe lacquer are highly recommended as gifts for loved ones.
Kikindo places emphasis on sustainability and comes with a one-year quality guarantee. We will repair the product free of charge for one year after purchase. Please feel free to contact us. We also repair and repair products after the warranty period and wooden crafts made by other companies.

販売業者 木金堂
住所 〒400-0124 山梨県甲斐市中下条472−10
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