What is gold filled? [Piercings/allergies]

What is gold filled?

earrings Gold-filled is a sheet of gold crimped onto a sheet of material (copper, brass, etc.) using high heat and pressure. If the weight of the gold layer is more than 1/20 of the total weight, it is called gold filled.

Recently, it has become more common in Japan as it is cheaper than gold and less likely to cause allergies, and in Europe and America it is also a popular material found in antique jewelry.

In Japan, 14kgf is common when it comes to gold filled, but 12kgf and 18kgf are also seen in Europe and America. Currently, Kikindo sells 14kgf, which means that more than 1/20 of the total weight of the parts is 14k gold.

gold filled and gilded

Gold plate

Gold plating is a coating of about 20 microns of gold on the surface of an inexpensive base metal such as brass or copper. The word plating doesn't give a good impression, so we call it gold plate (GP), but they are the same thing. Plate = plating. It looks the same as gold, and as long as it has gold plating, the level of metal allergy is the same, but you need to be careful if the plating peels off or wears down due to friction. The base of gold plating is nickel plated, so those with metal allergies should avoid gold plated products.

gold filled

earrings Gold-filled parts are made by attaching a gold plate to the surface of a base such as copper or brass using forge welding and rolling it with a roller.
In the case of gold-filled wire, it is made by pouring a base metal (copper or brass) into a gold cylinder and rolling it over and over to make it thinner.

The gold layer is much thicker than plating, and it is bonded under high pressure and heat, and the interface is alloyed by the bonds between atoms, so the base material is not easily exposed. As long as the base material is not exposed, it is a bullion metal that, like gold, has fewer concerns about metal allergies. Metals that are likely to cause allergies, such as nickel, cobalt, and chromium, are not used.

Aside from its value as a precious metal, we believe that gold-filled is safer than plating when considering metal allergies, so we use it for the metal fittings of the Mokkindo Light Line.

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