About accessories made of lacquered wood crafts

What are the benefits of incorporating wood crafts into accessories?

Wooden crafts finished with lacquer have been used for accessories such as combs and hairpins for a long time. Earrings made of wood won't weigh you down, even if they're large, so you can enjoy them without any burden.

Lacquered wood crafts are recommended for accessories such as earrings.

Tochiwipe lacquer pearl earrings

Here we will introduce wood crafts and the benefits of incorporating them into accessories.

What is woodcraft?

Woodcraft is one of the traditional crafts that process wood. Wood is one of the most familiar materials for humans, and artificially processed pieces of wood have been found in ruins around the world, indicating that woodworking has existed since ancient times. Japan has a rich variety of wood species, and delicate and beautiful designs and advanced techniques that take advantage of the textures and characteristics of each wood have developed, and today it has become an important part of Japan's traditional crafts. Many artists and craftsmen pursue their own creativity, expression, and beauty while inheriting traditional techniques and designs, and their works are exhibited at museums and galleries, and have even become an art form. It has become.

The charm of wood crafts

Wooden crafts that make use of Japan's rich tree species have many charms.

・Beautiful heathered grain

One of the charms of wood crafts is that you can enjoy a variety of wood grains depending on the growth environment, age, type, and cutting method of the wood used. It has a great appeal that cannot be obtained with other materials, as it expresses a rich variety of individual characteristics.

・Warmth of wood

Wood is porous and contains a lot of air, so it is warm to the touch. Just looking at it will make you feel warm, stabilize your blood pressure, and relax. Touching it has been shown to not only stabilize blood pressure, but also activate the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing both the body and the brain. This is true even if it is painted, and one of the great appeals of wooden crafts is that you can feel the warmth of the wood.


Trees can be made sustainable through proper forest management. Demand for timber allows us to protect forests and promote sustainable forestry. Additionally, compared to plastics and metals, wood consumes less energy in the manufacturing process, produces less carbon dioxide, and has a longer lifespan, which helps reduce waste.

Advantages of using wood crafts as earrings

Even large and voluminous accessories have the advantage of being lightweight if made of wood. Earrings, especially those made of glass or metal, tend to be heavy and may cause pain if worn for a long time. On that point, earrings made of wood crafts are less burdensome even if they are large, and you can enjoy fashion in comfort.

At Mokukondo, we sell a wide variety of accessories made using traditional woodcraft techniques. Recommended for everyday use as well as as a gift for a loved one.

If you want to incorporate wood crafts into accessories, go to Mokkindo.

wood craft necklace

Woodcraft is one of Japan's traditional crafts and has also developed as an art form. Bokukondo focuses on incorporating that artistry into everyday items. Accessories in particular are less restrictive in terms of functionality, so you can easily express your artistry and enjoy their beauty to the fullest. Why not take another look at the artistry, high technology, and sustainability of woodcraft?

Why not incorporate wooden accessories and small items with a wipe lacquer finish to add color to your everyday life?

At Mokukondo, we sell wooden crafts finished with wipe lacquer, such as earrings , pendants , and hand mirrors , by mail order. Mokkondo's wooden crafts are finished with a very time-consuming lacquer finish, and the quality is comparable to that of jewelry and precious metals. In addition to the jewelry line, we are also currently producing a light line of accessories at lower prices.

Kikondo responds to the needs of customers who want to continue using good products for a long time, and who want to repair them if they break. Why not incorporate simple and high-quality jewelry made from wood crafts into your fashion style?

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