Background of lacquer earrings: From the roots of jewelry

We offer wooden jewelry finished with lacquer.

The historical background of Yamanashi Prefecture becoming a "jewelry town". Mokukondo offers jewelry made from lacquered wood parts and precious metals from Yamanashi Prefecture. Luxurious lacquer and jewel earrings that beautifully decorate your ears are products that can only be made by Mokukondo.

The roots of jewelry: The history of Japanese gold crafts and Yamanashi's jewelry industry

medieval europe ornaments

roots of jewelry

Jewelry refers to accessories made from natural gemstones and precious metals.
Its origin is said to be tattoos on the body and the cutting of teeth, and people started wearing beautiful things from the natural world, began processing jewelry, and gradually began using metals such as gold and silver. Now I can process it.

in the world

Jewelry was originally something that anyone could wear, but with the birth of a king who was considered a ``representative of God'' in ancient Egypt, it became popular among common people as an offering to show the king's authority = the majesty of God. It became something far away.
During the European Middle Ages, as royalty and aristocrats gained power, jewelry became a symbol of wealth and power.
In the late 18th century, jewelry became popular as men who gained success and wealth through the Industrial Revolution began gifting jewelry to the women they cared about.

Jewelry in Japan

From the Asuka period to the Edo period, the Japanese were a people who did not use jewelry. Accessories included hair ornaments, obi clips, and netsuke, and practical items such as weapons and swords were also luxuriously decorated. However, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings were not used.
During the Meiji period, when Western culture entered Japan, jewelry became accepted as well as Western clothing.

Why Yamanashi Prefecture has a jewelry industry?

Yamanashi Prefecture is a city in Japan where the jewelry industry is thriving. Its history dates back to the Jomon period. Yamanashi Prefecture is blessed with many crystal veins and has been produced in abundance. The Jomon people of this area commonly used crystal for arrowheads that were previously made of obsidian. In particular, the Mt. Kinpu area is Japan's largest crystal production area, and the craftsmen who process crystal gradually take root and develop their techniques. Precious metal processing, which handles raw metals, has developed in a way that is linked to crystal processing, and Yamanashi Prefecture has become one of the few cities in the world that has all the industries necessary for the jewelry industry, centered around Kofu City.

lacquer earrings background

In Yamanashi Prefecture, Mokukondo produces and sells lacquered wooden jewelry.
"My father ran a precious metal planning and manufacturing company, which is a local industry in Yamanashi Prefecture."
“I admired the living national treasure of woodcraft, Tatsuaki Kuroda, and trained under his son, Kenkichi Kuroda.”
Blessed with these two roots, we create and commercialize wooden products carefully finished with lacquer into jewelry. Please take a look at this luxurious jewelry.

For simple, high-quality lacquered wooden jewelry, go to Mokkindo.

Mokukondo crafts

Kikkondo, located in Yamanashi Prefecture, produces and sells lacquer-finished wooden products that are made into jewelry.

Please feel free to use Kikondo's online shop for earrings and pendants with a lacquer finish that complements the wood .

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