About the characteristics and safety of lacquer Lacquer-finished wooden crafts are recommended as gifts.

Why not give a beautiful traditional craft finished with lacquer as a gift?

Woodwork finished with lacquer is one of Japan's most representative traditional crafts. Its beautiful luster and strong coating have been used by the Japanese since ancient times, and the highest quality products are even used as gifts to the imperial family. Its long history also ensures safety.

Lacquered wooden crafts as gifts About the characteristics and safety of lacquer

The state of lacquer scraping

Lacquer is characterized by its unique luster and tough coating. In addition, in the case of tableware such as chopsticks, there is a possibility that lacquer may be taken into the body, but the fact that it has a solid history of safety is also a big attraction.

Here, we will explain lacquer in detail and see why lacquered wood crafts are perfect as gifts.

What is lacquer?

Urushi is the sap secreted from the sumac tree. When you cut a sumac tree with a knife, it secretes a milky white liquid to heal the wound. This is lacquer. Although it can be used as raw lacquer, in most cases it is refined and used as a raw material for various refined lacquers.

How does lacquer dry?

“Drying lacquer” is different from the general concept of “drying.” Laccase, an enzyme contained in lacquer, is activated by a certain temperature and humidity and changes from a liquid to a solid by reacting with oxygen in the air. , when the temperature is 20-25 degrees and the humidity is 75-85%. In other words, since a high humidity condition is required, a special space called a ``lacquer bath'' is prepared to solidify the lacquer.

Characteristics and charms of lacquer

・High durability

A major feature of lacquer is its high durability. It boasts a wide range of resistance including water resistance, antiseptic properties, alkali resistance, acid resistance, insect repellent and antibacterial properties. Once lacquer hardens, there is no solvent to dissolve it.

・Various functionality

Another characteristic of lacquer is that the drying time can be controlled and it is easy to work with. Lacquer is often used to protect wood with a coating such as wipe lacquer or lacquer, but it is also used for decoration such as maki-e, mother-of-pearl (raden), carved lacquer (choshitsu), etc. It is also used as a material for objects such as dry lacquer. It is also used as an adhesive in ``kintsugi,'' a process that involves repairing cracks and chips in pottery.

・Very little deterioration over time

It is said that lacquer is only in its final form after 100 years, and even after it reaches the customer, the coating film reacts with oxygen in the air, making the lacquer itself harder every year. Not only does it not deteriorate over time, but the paint film becomes even stronger over time.

At Bokukondo, when you receive your product, we would like you to actively use it as a daily use, rather than shying away from it because it is lacquer. However, wipe lacquer is a very thin coating, and when it is delivered, the coating is not yet very strong. Especially for items such as chopsticks that are used many times a day, the coating may wear down due to friction. If you are concerned about the lacquer peeling off, please feel free to contact us as we also provide aftercare.

Safety of lacquer

Lacquer has been used by people in a variety of ways in everyday life since ancient times. It is still used today because it has no negative effects on the human body or nature. This means that it is a safe paint backed by a history. The only thing you should be careful about is that you may get a rash if you touch the sap that hasn't dried yet.

Why lacquered wood crafts are perfect as gifts

Lacquer has a long history, and lacquer crafts from around 9,000 years ago have been excavated from Hokkaido, making them the oldest in the world so far. Since then, it has been continuously passed down and refined to this day. The same holds true for wood crafts that protect wood with lacquer, which has now become one of Japan's most representative traditional crafts. The best example of this would be the gifts presented to the imperial family.

At Mokkondo, we have a wide variety of lacquered wooden crafts such as chopsticks , shoehorns , and earrings . Traditional crafts representing Japan are highly recommended as gifts for special occasions or for loved ones.

Mokukondo is a brand developed by a woodcraft artist who admires Tatsuaki Kuroda, an Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure), and studied under his eldest son, Kenkichi Kuroda, in parallel with his artistic activities. Based on the concept of ``manufacturing products for people who want to use good products for a long time, and who want to repair and use them if they break,'' we strive to design products that can be repaired and repaired.

If you are looking for a gift with a special and luxurious feel, go to Mokujindo.

Hand mirror with lacquer twist

How about some of Mokukondo's wooden crafts as gifts?

A major feature of Mokkondo's wood crafts is that they go through many more processes than regular lacquerware, making the grains of the wood stand out more and creating a beautiful glossy lacquer finish. Although they are traditional crafts with a sense of luxury, we also offer many items that can be easily incorporated into daily life, such as chopsticks , shoe horns , hand mirrors , and jewelry . High-quality wood crafts make perfect gifts for a variety of occasions. If you are looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one, please use Kikondo's online shop.

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