How to care for wood crafts (accessories, etc.) finished with lacquer

Care and storage of lacquered wood crafts

Lacquer-finished woodwork requires little maintenance, other than wiping it lightly with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. If stored properly, it can maintain its beauty for a long time.

Caring for lacquered wood crafts such as accessories and lacquerware

lacquer ring

Many people may have the impression that lacquered products are difficult to handle. In fact, it requires almost no maintenance, and if you understand how to handle it, you can continue using it for generations.

Here, we will take a look at how to care for and store lacquered wood crafts and accessories that use lacquered wood parts, such as earrings and pendants. Please refer to it if you want to know how to handle lacquerware.

How to care

・How to care for lacquered wooden parts

Accessories in particular are often attached directly to the skin, so they can become contaminated with sebum, sweat, cosmetics, etc. If you are concerned about dirt, wash it with a soft sponge dampened with a mild kitchen detergent and wipe it dry with a cloth. Wipe carefully, especially on uneven areas, as moisture tends to accumulate there. For slight stains, simply wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient.

Additionally, lacquer is a paint with excellent chemical resistance. For example, if you have scribbled on it with an oil-based pen, you can remove it with thinner, and if there is sticker glue left, you can clean it by wiping it with kerosene.

・Beware of cheap “lacquerware”

The only thing you need to be careful about is that the world is full of products called "lacquerware" that are finished with cashew lacquer or urethane paint. If you use thinner, the paint will dissolve, so you need to know whether the paint is real lacquer or not.

How to handle

Lacquer is a paint that does not prevent wood from breathing. Just because you're worried about dirt or cosmetic smells, don't leave it soaked in water for a long time, as the wooden parts will become over-humidified, causing them to deform or crack.

Also, if you are using lacquerware such as a bowl, you may want to pour hot water directly onto it. However, due to the difference in the expansion and contraction rates of wood and lacquer, the lacquer layer may float or crack, so avoid pouring boiling water over it.

Storage area for lacquer finished products

Avoid excessive drying of lacquered wood products. For example, if you store it for a long time in a place where it is exposed to direct airflow from an air conditioner, the wooden parts may crack or become deformed. Also, although lacquer is a paint that forms a very strong film, it is sensitive to UV rays, so it is not recommended to use it in areas exposed to sunlight. Store away from direct sunlight and extreme dryness.

Possibility of getting a rash

Among lacquer-finished wooden crafts, accessories in particular are in contact with the skin for a long time, so some people may be concerned about rashes, but as long as the lacquer film is thoroughly dry, You don't have to worry about getting a rash. However, in very rare cases, if your skin is in contact with the lacquer film for a long time after the lacquer dries, you may develop a rash. If you experience any discomfort on your skin, we recommend that you seek medical attention immediately.

Please be assured that at Kikondo, we refrain from delivering products for one month after lacquer application to prevent customers from getting lacquer rash.

When you receive the product, we want you to feel free to use it for everyday use without worrying about it being lacquer. However, wipe lacquer is a very thin coating, and when it is delivered, the coating is not yet very strong. Especially for items such as chopsticks that are used many times a day, the coating may wear down due to friction. If you are concerned about the lacquer peeling off, we also provide aftercare, so please feel free to contact us.

At Mokkindo, we offer a quality guarantee, and we offer free repairs for one year from the date of purchase. We also accept requests for repair and repair of woodwork items purchased at other stores.

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Tochiwipe lacquer pearl earrings

Beautiful wooden accessories finished with lacquer do not require difficult maintenance and can be worn for generations if stored properly. If you are concerned about dirt, please refer to the cleaning method above.

Try incorporating beautiful lacquered wooden accessories for everyday use or for special occasions.

Kikkondo responds to the needs of customers who want to continue using quality products for a long time, and who want to repair them if they break. We offer a variety of lacquer-finished wooden crafts, including accessories such as earrings and pendants, as well as chopsticks , shoe horns , and hand mirrors. In addition, we refrain from delivering the product for one month after the lacquer coating has dried to avoid lacquer rash on our customers.

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